February Valentines YouTube Tutorial

DISCLAIMER: this post contains affiliate links with Amazon. It allows me to earn small commission at no cost to you.

This beginner friendly painting can be done on almost any surface. As you see, I painted it my sketchbook, Strathmore 300 series mixed media paper.

This painting is done with acrylics paints and I try my best to use the paints that are easy to find. My go to for beginner lessons is craft quality paint. Here is the list of colors and affiliate Amazon links to what I believe is the best match. I buy my paint in bulk and some colors, like lemon yellow or phthalo green can be a challenge to find in craft paints. I did my best with what I found on Amazon at the moment of posting this. You may be able to find better color option or price in your local arts and crafts store.

You can paint on mixed media paper, acrylic paper, cardstock, cardboard, canvas board, canvas, wood, etc. If painting on wood, make sure to sand it and apply primer or gesso before painting.

This lesson is available on YouTube, here is a direct link https://youtube.com/live/dunnQi3cN0k

Also feel free to use this pattern if you need help with drawing a sketch.

If you need to resize the image to fit a 16 by 20 canvas, I use this website a lot https://www.blockposters.com/create/

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