Easy Step-by-step Monarch Butterfly Painting

the date changed to the 18th, replay available on YouTube

This is a beginner friendly class on how to paint a monarch butterfly with acrylic paints. Below you will find the materials list, reference photos and even a free downloadable pattern. The link to the video is at the very end of this post.

Materials list for this class:

Painting surface

Acrylic paint brushes: I’ll be using a large (1in) and a medium (1/2in) Flat brushes, medium and small round brushes and a spotter (just like a round brush but bristles are shorter, you can use a round brush for that as well)

Acrylic paints, craft quality, nothing fancy. Colors: white, black, phthalo blue, phthalo green, lemon yellow, primary yellow, primary red, magenta.


Save the image to your computer and resize as needed or

Use this pdf below for a spliced pattern to fit a 16 by 20 canvas. Only print pages 2-5.

Here is a reference photo

reference photo

And a black and white to see darker/lighter areas easier

black and white reference

The video is available right here on YouTube right after the class takes place on Feb 18, 2023.

10 thoughts on “Easy Step-by-step Monarch Butterfly Painting

  1. Diana Gabler

    I am very much looking forward to the paint along tutorial of the Monarch butterfly in acrylic on February 18, 2023 at 8 p.m.

  2. Jessica Peterson

    I hope this isn’t a dumb question….how do I transfer the pattern onto my canvas. I’ve never done this before. I always freehanded but I have watched the YouTube replay and can’t wait to try.


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