Our Mission

This is where Art meets Voice.

Our mission is to help you or your child ignite or re-ignite your creative spark in a stress free and worry free environment.

Creativity is about fostering specific habits, making associations, and standing behind the ideas that come out of them.

– Maria Brito

For many it starts in an art class.

Children Art Classes

In Luba’s childrens classes students explore art mediums and techniques in a fun way. We focus on two types of drawing instruction: directed drawing (drawing by following a series of steps) and observational drawing (drawing what you see). Then the students finish the drawing with a choice of painting techniques. In this class we explore tempera, acrylics, watercolor, collage, oil pastels, chalk pastels, ink, mixed media and more.

I have a passion for those kinds of lessons that allow my students to experiment with different materials and techniques. I provides them with tools, techniques and materials. After every three to four lessons and I let them freestyle their own ideas. It’s always amazing how creative and unpredictable they can get!

We offer art classes for pre-k, k-2, and 3-5 grades and homeschoolers. You can find information on the upcoming children classes here.

Adult Paint Classes

Tea and Paint Party in February, 2023

Our classes for adults are very beginner friendly. We pre-sketch most of our designs onto canvas for you so you don’t need to worry about the drawing part and can simply enjoy the painting.

In step-by-step classes for adults you are encouraged to enjoy the process not the result. Although the result will make you proud. Luba keeps her class size small, capped off at 10 students per class. She loves giving you personal attention and assistance when needed.

Weekly Programs for Adults

Gratia Partum is Latin for Creative Grace. In this community we support each other’s intention to have a consistent gratitude practice through art. We share, support and encourage each other to use our creative spark daily. To focus on the things we can be grateful for, give ourselves grace and allow ourselves to grow and learn.

Consistent practice of gratitude, through art in particular,  has proved to improve people’s lives in so many areas! 

Find out more here.

I love doing all sorts of arts and crafts, but book making has a special place in my heart. Whether it’s a junk journal, a diary, a sketchbook or an artist’s book, they are so much fun to make. They are pieces of art in themselves.

In this class we will use a lot of mixed media, like paper and textiles. There will be measuring, cutting, gluing, poking, waiting… and talking with others, connecting, making new friends…

…and unleashing your creativity!!!

We will start with a smaller and easier book and grow as we go.

Find more information here.