Menu Plan Stickers




Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.

I found this erase board planner at Michaels for $3 on sale. I needed a menu plan solution and it seemed like a great idea. Then, I created the stickers to turn it into the actual meal plan board.

The word “Menu” is about 7in by 3in, the rest of the stickers are under 2in.

I print these stickers on my home printer, then laminate them and hand fussy cut them. Eventually, I may get a cutter for these, but not yet.

There are 16 stickers total.

These stickers are printed on demand on Saturdays and mailed out on Mondays to avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.

Shipping in the continental US is FREE. Otherwise, please, reach out to me before placing your order.

The board itself is not included.


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