Gratitude Prompts Deck




I am so excited to invite you to use this beautifully curated deck of gratitude prompts cards.

Gratitude not given is like a gift that was wrapped in pretty paper but never found its reciever.

By giving gratitude we do not only improve how we see life. We also find inner calm, deeper and more relaxed breathing, stress relief and so much more.

This deck can be used as just a deck of prompts for daily use or for gratitude ar journaling practice.

For daily gratitude practice keep this on your desk or maybe where you drink your coffee or tea.  You can shuffle the cards or pull the one on top. Read the question and once you have the immediate answer, ask yourself, “What else can I say about this?” Keep that card face up on your desk or where you can see it all day and go back to ponderings about what else you could add to what you already said.

If you’d like to write things down, you don’t anything special. You can even start with a printer size paper and fill it with gratitude by writing in all directions and/or using different inks.

I use these gratitude prompts for my Gratitude Art Journaling practice. Inside the box there is a card where I share my 5 secrets to keeping a gratitude art journal and on the back of the box there is a QR code to Gratitude Art Journaling Challenge replay on YouTube.

The cards are 3in by 4in and show my artwork on front and back. The back side of the cards simply says thank you in Ukrainian (my native language), English (the language I speak now) and French (because it’s pretty and I listen to French jazz a lot while working on my art.) There are 36 cards total, 34 are prompts.

The box is clear plastic and has spare room in it.


I am technically challenged and can’t figure out how to add separate shipping to this. Shipping is included in the $32 cost. If you’d rather pick up from the studio you are more than welcome to let me know and the cost is $25 then. – just let me know and I can either bill you separately or you can Venmo me.



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