Tall Girl’s Trouble

I truly dislike being in group photos. No, really. I don’t mind the idea of people getting together to take a picture and document an event. I am all for creating special moments and memories.


Being 6 feet tall, I am always tucked in the very back row with people standing right in front of me. So I end up looking for that window between people’s necks. And then, while the picture is being taken, you decide to flip your hair and change your angle. Guess what? That tall girl right behind you? She didn’t have time to adjust to your movement and now all the picture shows are her ear and some hair.


It is not that bad, honestly. I have always been tall and coming to my 40th birthday one would think I should get used to this and adapt. And I have for the most part.


Then there are days like today when I wear something cute or different and I really wanted to be seen.  And when out of ten people, two squat in the front row and the rest kind of semi-circle around them, and you are told to get in back… probably not in the most polite way, which has triggered this post. No, seriously, I know there are ways to take that same picture with tall people in it, not behind it.


This whole thing brought up so many emotions and conversations!


“I wish I were as tall as you are!”

“I always wanted to be tall!”

“I envy you because you are tall.”


Let me take you through a tall girl’s life. Disclaimer, I am also a bit on the hefty side, so, yeah…


I don’t shop Target for clothes at all. Or Walmart. Or any other more or less affordable retailer. It just isn’t cut for taller girls. The inseams are too short and the waistline ends up being right under my chest line. The underarms are also tight and the sleeves are always too short. Bargain shopping at Target is out of the question.


Most retailers don’t carry tall size on the floor. I have to order it online and pay the shipping to just try it on.



Shoes. Did you know that most of the cute shoe sizes don’t go over size 10? And the ones that do, would usually have a 10-inch heel? I am already 6 feet tall, I really don’t need another 10 inches added to this!



I can’t tell you how many times I had hit my head on some sort of an overhang that no one thought of marking or painting a brighter color. You are supposed to walk underneath, just like everyone else does, right?



Low riding cars are not very comfortable unless you are into riding with your knees right up by your ears. And I am not.



Airplane trips are joyous. Especially when the person in front you reclines all the way back and goes straight to sleep. There is just not any room for me.

The low counters and sinks add to my grief, but to be fair, it has gotten a lot better over the last couple years. Maybe it’s just the area where I live.

I am always stuck in the back in group pictures. My face is usually out of focus or in the dark.

People assume that since I am tall, I am also stronger than the average person. Guess who’s doing the heavy lifting?

The back and knee issues started very early in my life. Talk to any tall person, they will tell you it is a common problem.


I have no problem with my body image, in fact, I love my body. I love the curves and how it can move along the music. I love how my husband looks at me and how my body makes him feel. And I totally adore the moments my boys would look me in the eye and say, “You are so pretty, Mama!”  And normally, I would not have any problem being in the back row for a picture.


So, please, do not mistake this post for an “I wish I had a different body” type of thing. I don’t.


I wish people would see my challenges and demonstrate a little bit of grace by asking if I would like to be in the back row instead of just pointing me to my place.



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