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I am a BIG procrastinator, are you?

Do you procrastinate?


If you are anything like me, you hate wasting time. Every minute that is not filled with a meaningful action that leads me closer to my ultimate goal, drains my energy and fills me with disappointment, stress, and sometimes even panic.


Having read this about me, you probably think I am the person who is always working, stays on top of my to-do list, and has it all done in timely fashion with perfect results.


Here is the truth about yours truly. I procrastinate. A LOT.


Just like everyone else I have things I need to do, I should do, I must do. There are also things I would rather delegate or outsource. I always have one or two things that, frankly, blank me out.


Recently I read something about knowing your goals and knowing the goals for your business. The author stated that you can describe what you do in 5 short sentences. I would love to do that. But once I grab my pencil, all I hit is a huge block. I sit there and stare at  pure blank page of my journal, never able to put even one word down. So, I walk away. The next day, I catch my mind going back and forth to the topic and looking and looking and looking for the answers I wanted. Once it’s ready, it will hit the reset and I will get my answers on the paper in 15 minutes.


This approach works every time. It is called creative procrastination.


Let me tell you what NOT to do, first:

  • Do not procrastinate on things that have a deadline
  • Do not procrastinate on things that are crucial to your MMA (money making activities)
  • Do not procrastinate because you are lazy, unfocused, or are simply dragging your feet. Identify those reasons fast and act accordingly


Now, here is what to DO to get the best out of your act of creative procrastination:

  1. Switch your tasks around, make sure you are not just being a bum
  2. Set up reminders in your planner, calendar, or bullet list (or all the three of them, that’s how I roll) to NEVER allow procrastination become avoidance
  3. Give yourself enough time to stew, do something rewarding and use the momentum to jump into the dreadful task. Still stuck? Move back to step 1.
  4. If you find yourself being really stuck, nothing helps, you may be dealing with a good size block. Seek help. Post in a support group. Talk to your coach. PM me ;).


p.s.  The post on Procrastination has been on my list for a couple of weeks now. But I don’t think I was ready to deliver this baby yet. So I took my time. And have it written in less than 20 minutes.  It is not perfect, God knows I am aware of it. But it is written. And I sure hope you find it helpful.

p.p.s. If you’d like to know what else I have up my sleeve that can help you with your time management and productivity, leave a comment below, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.