Setting the Goals Through the Fog

Today is day 8 of the New Year and unlike the years before, I have no resolutions and no particular goals. This is very sad as I always strive to set my goals high and resolve to be a better version of me in the next year.


I do not want to add all the details in what and how happened; I simply do not want to re-live some of the experience 2016 added to my list. Let me just say it was not kind. Many might agree, others won’t.


Although it was a tough year, I still got to go home and visit my family most of which I hadn’t seen in more than 9 years and my boys had never had a pleasure to meet. It was a highlight of the year and most of it was a beautiful trip,  but it also had it’s own challenges and trials.


Last year I spent a lot of time in active meditation, writing and drawing. Lots of self-digging, personal improvement work and trying to see through the glass ceiling.


The foggy glass ceiling, may I add. Maybe there is not even a ceiling there, just the fog. The future is foggy and there are way too many uncertainties that make me anxious. Anxiety, fear of the unknown, lack of understanding of where I am being taken and why sit heavy in my heart.


Then my eyes catch a colorful piece of paper I had pasted onto my office wall in September of 2016. I read the words and feel my heartbeat starting to slow down.



Let me tell you more about these. They are a result of several months of meditating and asking questions. They seem quite simple and straightforward but I remember I had to fight for every word.

God has shaped me and placed me where He needs me.

(I believe with all my heart that God’s hand is in everything there is and He has me here and now for a reason.)


His purpose is divine.

(Even if it looks foggy and unclear to me from my end of the road, it is still there. Did you ever drive into a patch of fog? You may slow down, turn the headlights on and keep extra cautious, but you are still moving through it, right? You are not going to stop in the middle of a road just because there is a foggy patch.)


I will see it once I’m ready.

(Sometimes the foggy patch is longer than I anticipate, and it is important to remember that the patch has its borders. The sun will shine again. Just keep pushing through.)


I have all the support I need in order to make it happen.

(Count my blessings! I am so blessed with a husband who gets me!)


My God will give me everything I need to live a life of abundance.

(Have faith, little heart. Have faith.)


These short and simple statements are called affirmations and they help me when my high-functioning anxiety creeps in and steals my sleep at night. They also help me see the purpose in my daily routine duties and chores. They help me see that even emptying the dishwasher brings more to my household than just the dishes being put away. It helps with keeping the kitchen organized, the counters clean and meals prepped with ease and on time.


If you find them helpful and would like to have one on your phone or on your wall, you are welcome to use this free download. Click on the image and download your *pdf file. All I ask in return is for you to let me know that you got one in the comments below.


May the Lord be with you!

God’s purpose is divine

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