Purpose is the word that’s been on my mind for the last couple of days.
Purpose is the word of today and will be the word of tomorrow.
Purpose just kind of jumped at me as I was putting away laundry the other day. See, we own this beautiful treadmill machine. It is everything one could want to have at home if they were devoted to exercising and leading a healthy life. That’s what I thought I was.
I have not used it in a long time. Not only because I am lazy (that too is a reason, obviously), but for multiple other issues we all have in our lives. But, the purpose of this post is not to discuss my fitness habits nor it is to make any resolutions.
The purpose of this post is to bring your and my attention to purpose.
Purpose applies to every aspect of organized life. It helps you decide what is more important at the moment. It creates clarity when you need to be decisive and let go of clutter.
It also is the only thing that would help you get closer to the goal, no matter how unrealistic that goal is.
It is hard to believe sometimes, but the purposeful thinking is exactly what is moving your needle.
Un-clutter your mind by having a purpose. Don’t just do something for the sake of doing it or because it is custom and it is what we do. Have a feeling of determination to do or achieve something. It doesn’t matter what it is that you are going to have done.
Dishes? – Have a clear purpose in mind.
Business bookkeeping? – Make your intentions sharp and pointed directly where you want to be.
There is no room for mind clutter when there is a purpose.
p.p.s. Comment below: what is your purpose for the day?

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