Kindness Rocks: How to Make them Last

Kindness rocks are becoming a more and more popular way for people to express their creativity while supporting others. One can find a kindness rock almost anywhere: left on a shelf of a grocery store, on a bench in a park, somewhere along a walking trail.

Some kindness rocks feature pretty pictures, other have funny faces doodled on them, some have positive affirmations while others will quote the Bible.

No matter what the kindness rock represents, it is about uplifting others.

When I started to create my carepebbles, I’ve learned quite a few very interesting things!

Acrylics take much longer then overnight to cure fully!

If you don’t want your acrylics to peel right off, give them at least a week to dry and set. It’s even better to give them full three weeks, but who’s got patience for that?

Your kindness rock needs to be sealed!

Very sad, but true, when exposed to the elements, your pretty art work will peel and chip! Oh, no! Not only it ruins your kindness rock and the purpose of it, it also puts the paint trash out in the nature. We don’t want that! We need to seal that paint!

Three ways to seal your rock!

Way number one. Use epoxy/resin. Mix a small amount, cover the top of the rock (after you allowed the paint to dry and cure, remember?), let dry completely. After 24 hours, if there are any run offs, use sanding paper on them. Next, flip you rock upside down and cover the other part. Give it another 24 hours to dry and take care of the imperfections.

Way number two. Also epoxy/resin. This is how I do it. Mix a small amount of resin. While wearing gloves (please, exercise safety and follow manufacturer’s guidelines), put a little bit of resin in your hand (with the gloves on). Pick up your rock and work the resin all the way around the rock. It’s much like getting soap to leather, accept for foam would be bad in this case. Let it dry for 24 hours (or as long as the resin package tells you). Use sandpaper to take care of the run off and such.

Way number three. And the Easiest Way. Do this outside. Follow manufacturer’s directions for temperature and humidity. Grab an old cookie sheet. Line it up with wax paper. Set your rocks on the wax paper. Spray with Polyurethane. Not too much, though! Allow 24 hours to dry. Replace the wax paper, set up your rock, this time upside down and stray again ensuring full coverage. Allow another 24 hours to dry. I usually allow my carepebbles another week to sit and cure before I’d put them out somewhere.

Do you make kindness rocks? How do you protect yours?

2 thoughts on “Kindness Rocks: How to Make them Last

  1. Susan LANTZ

    If its paint I’m waiting on to set or dry and I already have my project on a cookie tray, I like to slip it into the oven on the lowest possible setting. As long as it doesn’t change the composition.

    1. Luba Post author

      that sounds interesting! I’m always scared the rocks would explode in my oven, LOL, so I guess do it at your own risk.


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