Is Blogging even my Thing?

Ha! That’s a great question to ask myself when I feel like I’m failing everyone who reads my blog by procrastinating and not posting new entries.

The truth is that it is much easier for me to communicate through image and bullet points, my brain feels stuck every time I need write something decent.

As I’m looking for a good solution, I am starting to read Lisa Congdon’s book on How to Build an Artist Career. And, what do you know, she suggests that blog posts needn’t be lengthy and fully researched. They can be just a short share of what is happening in my life.

So it is. The decision is made! I will do my best to share my daily life, sketches that don’t make it into social media and whatever it is around me that inspires me to move this art thing along 🙂

How does that sound?

Are you my reader? Would you mind saying hello? I would LOVE to know if someone’s reading, LOL

Love you!

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