Feeling Out Of Sorts in January?

January is literally around the corner.

Some of us are done celebrating, the tree is put away and regular routines took place.

For others, it’s the time of not knowing what day of the week this is, trying to keep children from killing each other, and trying to decide what to cook for dinner that’s healthy-ish and doesn’t require a lot of work.

Holidays burnout settles in, creativity attempts feel stagnant at best and I find myself staring at the blank page more often than I care to admit.

For me, January is the best time to recharge, reset, and start anew.

I suggest to use this time to allow our creative selves to rest.

Rest doesn’t mean to do nothing at all, although, I personally believe there is nothing wrong with that. There is time for active rest and passive rest. You will need to discern for yourself which one is the best for you at any given time.

Let’s use this time and do the things we always want to do but are always too busy.

Take inventory of the art supplies.

Organize the creative space.

Deep clean, examine and/or replace the old brushes.

Catch up on projects that were stashed away until better times.

Invite daily practice of drawing.

I would love to encourage you to share your before and after pictures as you work on your space as it is such a rewarding process.

I invite you to join daily drawing practice in your sketchbook starting January 1st.

You can use as few or as many supplies for it as you like. I prefer to work in a mixed media or watercolor sketchbook and use a pencil, waterproof artists pens (liners), and watercolor.

Are you up for a challenge? Put your intentions in words and add them as a comment below. You are much more likely to act on your intentions if you write them down and let others know.

Here are January creative prompts I picked using January holidays calendar and I added some of my own. You are welcome to use them in order or pick what you like, or not use at all. The goal is to draw daily.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Out Of Sorts in January?

  1. Lyla Clayton

    Happy New Year! January has always been a time to rearrange my craft/sewing room. And to inventory supplies. I have such a renewed energy when it’s done!
    Praying you are able to sell your house soon. There is nothing harder than living in the limbo of selling!
    Wishing you health, happiness, wealth in the New Year!


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