Are You Time Scarce?

I find time to be very interesting and intriguing. It is not like anything else out there. It can flow, it can run through your fingers like the sand on the beach. It can be so slow, you’d think the whole planet has stopped to just aggravate you. It seems to always be on the other side from where you need it to be.
Having a deadline and could use some slow flow: it will go so fast you won’t know how it happened. Could use some speed up, bored while sitting in traffic?
Oh boy, it is going to play a trick on you yet again and it will make you miserable in its attempt to teach you patience.
Sometimes we feel like we can control it. We create schedules and to-do lists. We are efficient and feel like we are in the flow.
But then, there are other times. Times when we feel like we are in the fog. Overwhelmed and unable to focus. Times when we know something needs to be done, something needs to be accomplished or we will feel like a failure. We start to feel there is not enough time. We stress.
I like to think about the time the same way I think about money.
Although money does not just show up in our lives. We have to make it, or be given it, or acquire it in some other, hopefully legal, way. On the contrary to money, you can not earn time. It is given to us, with all it’s blessings and trials, and it’s up to us to make the best use of it.
Just as money, time can be wasted. We procrastinate and avoid things that need to be done.
There is a difference between avoiding to do something and procrastinating.
As you procrastinate, you simply are taking a longer and seemingly more pleasant route to completing the task. Avoiding is not doing it and not being honest about it. You could face it and say, “I won’t do it!”, but, instead, you go in the void.
Just as money, time can be saved. All those precious moments we keep in photo albums and share with friends, let us “save” the time.
You can also make time. You can make time to spend it with your loved ones. You can make time to get yourself to see a doctor, read the book that’s been sitting on your side table for far too long. You can get twice as much done in the same amount of time by implementing systems and strategies that would simplify your processes.
Time scarcity is a real thing. And, quite honestly, it is all in your head. Because the reality is that you can’t earn time, you are already given 24 hours every single day to make great choices, get your stuff done and enjoy your life.

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