Henna Party is a great option for a

Birthday celebration, Bachelorette’s Party, or just a Ladies Night Out!

She (Luba)  is awesome and a very talented lady. She was at a benefit for costumes for kids Sunday and had a line the whole time. She waited on each person like they were the only one there with patience and amazing free hand artwork. – K.B.


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Here is what you need to know before booking a party with Luba.

  1. The artist will arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to set up the area, if required. Please, provide sufficient space to set up a 4 feet table with 2 chairs and an access to an electrical outlet. The artist will provide the following:
  • table
  • chairs
  • desk lamp
  • all the supplies needed to create henna designs
  1. The artist will start work at the time the party starts. If you have less than ten guests, the artist will be happy to expand the designs. Please, let the artist know if you are expecting more than 10 guests. It will help her know how much henna they need.
  2. Henna is done free hand, no design will look exactly the same as a picture. The artist may change or adjust the design to the client’s skin, scale of work, or the weather. Humidity affects henna paste and even though the artist does their best to adjust to that, some modifications may be made.
  3. The artist will do the best work possible, but small smudges and uneven bits are unavoidable due to natural consistency of henna and client’s skin and/or hair in the area.
  4. If the designs are desired to be placed in the area with lots of hair, please, have the hair removed at least 24 hours prior to the application. Do not apply masks or scrubs to the area.
  5. If you have some special designs in mind, please email the images to the artist by replying to this email. The artist will do their best to help you have the best experience with henna!
  6. The artist may take photos of their work. They will not take photographs of your face unless you give her permission.
  7. The booking fee is non-refundable.
  8. The final payment is due at the end of the party minus the booking fee. We accept cash, PayPal, and credit cards. Tips are greatly appreciated but not required.


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