henna for a belly dancer

Real women wearing all natural henna just like they would wear luxurious lingerie or get their nails done radiate confidence and sexiness.


Each of us has a gorgeous, spunky, very sexy and a tiny bit naughty woman inside. The question is how often do we let that gorgeous thing out for a stroll, so to speak.

Boudoir henna is that secret ingredient that just might help you manifest that woman into your reality.


Wearing henna devoted to only special one’s eyes can bring the old sexy to a whole new level. Even if at this point of life the only eyes to see your henna are your own.


Why will this work wonders?


As you start looking into this adventure a bit deeper, you will notice the way you carry yourself change. As you start thinking of yourself as a gorgeous, spunky and very sexy, it will start rubbing off on your surroundings.


Your special one may not respond to it visibly to you, but he will lock his eyes on you for much longer periods of time wondering what is happening.


The best part? It will stay on your body as a silent reminder for another ten to fourteen days! What else would relentlessly remind you of how gorgeous and undeniably sexy you are for two weeks? LOL


Sounds good? Let’s jump in!


First of all, make sure to confirm your appointment. 2 weeks notice works best as we want to prepare as best as possible. I prefer to create custom made designs for my clients, it does take time.


Second, take a full height selfie (through a mirror is fine)   and use the phone editor to circle the area you would like to adorn with henna. I’d prefer to refrain from the bikini area. It’s a whole different henna story, haha.


Then, go to instagram.com and search #henna . Take screenshots of everything you like. Once you have about 25 of them, go through the screenshots and pick three or four. Send them to me as soon as you can, include your selfie. This little exercise will allow me to create a design that will resonate with you.


Next, plan what you will wear and such. I am good with a pair of jeans, you know. Nothing fancy is needed. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself.


And, finally, keep an eye on your email for a design sketch. I would like for you to approve it before the day of.


48 hours before: exfoliate and remove hair in the area.

24 hour before: avoid excessive lotion, skin that is too greasy won’t hold henna well.


The day of: make sure the room is well lit and is warm. Also, make sure you are comfortable there.


Feel free to ask questions should they arise.


Looking forward to working with gorgeous you!

Having questions or ready to book? Contact Me right away!