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 – an artist, art teacher and motivational speaker. As a creative individual, Luba has a passion for the arts and loves to inspire others through her work. Her unique blend of spirituality and creativity has helped her to recover from past trauma, which she fondly shares with her audience.

Luba is not your ordinary artist. With years of experience in teaching art, she has a keen eye for detail and is well-versed in various artistic techniques. She believes that everyone can tap into their creative side, regardless of skill level, and encourages people to explore their artistic abilities. Her classes are interactive, engaging and fun-filled, making it a delightful learning experience for all.

Apart from being an art teacher, Luba is also a motivational speaker. She blends her artistic skills with her spiritual beliefs to help people overcome challenges, boost self-esteem, and find inner peace. Luba’s sessions are inspiring and thought-provoking, motivating audiences to take action and make changes in their lives.

Luba Carlson is an excellent choice for speaking engagements in the fields of personal development and art. Her unique expertise, combined with her engaging personality, make her the perfect choice to inspire and educate audiences. Her talks are perfect for anyone looking to unlock their creative potential, improve their self-worth and achieve success on their terms.

If you’re looking for an artist, art teacher or a motivational speaker, Luba Carlson is your go-to person. With her passion for the arts, spirituality and life experiences, she offers a unique perspective on how to overcome adversity and succeed in life. Get in touch with Luba today to book her for your next event!

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Angie Norheim

    Good afternoon Luba! I enjoy reading your new page, platform, your gratitude art journal, I had never thought gratitude art as a journal. I’ve heard of prayer journal and personal journal, but not gratitude art. I enjoy learning from your classes. Last painting class was December before your move and we did drawing for January when you were in process moving to where you now live!

    I’m a privileged member of your Paint with Luba group and all I had to do was click bell for notifications and interested and going. I’ve never had to log in before. Streamyard was how you taught live, and I miss those classes big time! I also receive your weekly newsletters! I enjoy them!

    When is your next painting classes? I miss painting with you and learning from you! Have a great weekend and a great thanksgiving with you family! God bless you!

    Your student


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